Thursday, April 26, 2007

The “Reptilic” Flying Fishes

As I write this blog entry polar ice caps are melting significantly in the arctic and antarctic regions. Polar bears, penguins and sea lions are palpitating about their changing habitats and basically how to save their lives and their youngs from the consistent thawing of ice where they used to sing and dance their lives out. (Poor Mumble!) Eons ago this melting drama happened at the conclusion of ice age and will make its grand comeback.

And what would humans become of this complete turn around of events. Living things’ capacity to adapt to its environment would be put to test for sure. Charles Darwin left a legacy of trying to explain and stir Christianity by presenting his theory of evolution; just as remarkable as his theory is the fact that he left among us, in our time, a question a few men have tried to explore. Would humans continue to evolve? We will. (Said who?) Me. Hehe (Uh, okay! Curtains down please the show is over!!!) Okay let me try to expound my hypothesis.

We’re fishes once according to the theory and that’s because there’s no place like dry land before; our planet’s water-filled there’s the air space but God is really good He didn’t make us into birds or we’ll be tiring ourselves flying forever; that’ll be more strange I think than swimming forever. So we’re good swimmers once. We swam the depths and the breadth of the ocean so it’s quite okay that we cannot explore the whole depth and breadth of our seas and oceans because we’re the kings and queens of the aquatic kingdom long time ago. There’s no sense in exploring it again, what’s important is that we knew it before. But when waters receded and formed into ice, dry land appeared before our eyes. Some fishes who were sleeping a little above these lands when this tragedy happened, were left flapping their fins in search of waters to swim through. They didn’t find water anymore because in seconds the water went thousands of miles away from them. Some fishes gasped. Others breathed. Those who gasped naturally died and those who still breathed unsurprisingly lived and became humans to cut the long story short. Hehe.

Millions of years after, humans continue to evolve, nevertheless, interminably from his sojourn in the sopping world. The evolution, however, was concentrated in the innate characteristics not much of the physical manifestations except for some isolated cases of women growing beards, minds mutating into those of crabs’; snakes’; some becoming animals but which is usually not specified out of proclivity. Humans achieved the height of mental prowess but of which mental prowess declined their capacity for reason. Humans knew the logic of things: actions, thus, consequences; from premises to conclusions. Humans knew the logic of things, but in most cases, learnings out of deduction or induction come late; very, very late. And so out of a thousand years of abuse or disuse of the earth’s resources we thought of things being limited and of sustainability. We’re the greatest primadonna in our planet’s time and existence.

Hundred years forward and few land masses could be found. There you could find them at the highest peaks. Expect a mall atop the Sierra Madre or Mt. Apo at that; a basketball court at Mt. Everest. Humans would evolve and would probably have gills and wings, yes, that much sought after wings for flight. But after 100 years, we could only fly a few yards like those of chickens today. Expect a hundred more years for longer flights when humans become leaner because there is no more food to eat. Humans will likewise rediscover themselves as fishes: a reconnection to his previous habitat. Humans would no less than evolve to a different kind of specie: the so-called “reptilic” flying fishes. Humans will have the ability to walk on land, swim through the seas, and fly the skies. Few thousands will remain of the former human specie and that’s because many opted to live the way humans do before conditions became hostile not to mention the return to- what others consider as despicable-“orangutanic” ancestry. Naturally those who accepted the truth survived them.

As “reptilic” flying fishes, they will walk, fly and swim, and get a bird’s eye view of the extent of devastation; the remnants of generations of human living inundated and submerged deep within the waters. A tale of a great civilization which was not able to deconstruct reason in due time.


Anonymous said...

This is a good read. Well done, pare. :)

Peter said...

wow! ang ganda ng idea mo about evolution.. parang totoo nga kumbaga nga "Law of use and disuse".. pag di kailangan mawawala.. pag talagang kailangan. magkakaroon..

tulad daw ng Giraffe.. dati daw maikli ang leeg nito.. pero nung tumataas na ung mga puno... through years.. kailangang mapahaba yung leeg nia.. tas un humaba..

Bat nga pala muka pa ni Arroyo nilaga mo..? heheheh

thirty thousand fishes said...

oo nga. hehe. Parody lang yun kay GMA, naiinis kasi ako sa Presidente natin hehe