Friday, March 28, 2008

Shut Up JDV!!!!

I'm sure pundits have seen the recent interview of JDV in ANC regarding the controversial tripartite agreement between Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines that is the JMSU. The right word to describe it is: fanaticism.

JDV is so enthusiastic on the perceived results of the joint exploration going to the extent of defending it even if its validity and the regularity it went through is in question. I can't say that JDV hasn't flexed his oratorical skills this time. He was so articulate as usual and the substance of his rhetorics doesn't go by the humbug. The man behind me asked: Ricky Carandang wasn't able to crash the gates? He didn't because basically JDV was so domineering. I asked: Would someone like JDV allow himself to admit something which will make him a clown on national TV?

He boasted that Philippines will no longer take a longer route to find oil because the technical expertise of the Chinese will ensure that oil be produced and delivered to Filipinos from nearby Spratlys. He boasted that Filipinos will no longer be burdened by the high-priced oil and that electricity rates will go down. Oh well, then that'll be good for Juan dela Cruz. He bragged about the Philippines joining the bandwagaon of economic intergovernmentalism. According to him, the JMSU will pave the way for regional cooperation between Asian States. JDV said: Like the euro there will only be one Asian currency. . .the peso will no longer be a peso but will form part of a strong Asian currency. Like duh? so much braggadocio of you JDV, this is only a tripartite agreement Asia does not comprise of China, Vietnam and the Philippines only and the JMSU if you haven't dissected its essence yet, it is a joint exploration, you oil man! If there's a union it will create out of the agreement it will simply be a union of greedy and foolish states-the foolish states compromising whatever sovereignty that's left in them for the sake of what have you.

JDV, the statesman, right then and there averred that the JMSU will prevent war between claimant states. According to him, rather than the Philippines risking itself to go into war it should necessarily ink this deal. Yeah, and JDV is claiming himself to be a statesman while talking of a too sensitive topic such as a war too prematurely which even China has not been heard of mentioning. JDV also mentioned a jargon: the doctrine of auto-limitation. But, this doctrine could only be applied on the premise that an international agreement has been validly agreed upon which in the case of JMSU is not present and auto-limitation as far as I know does not definitely cover elements which create a State such as giving up part of the State's claimed territory.

Take for example the treaty between East Timor and Australia, JDV enthused. According to JDV, East Timor is now reaping the fruits of the treaty. The what? Clearly East Timor's experience is not parallel to the Philippines. East Timor is a new country which is prone to compromises while leaving its power of self-determination in the shadows. Philippines has been independent since time immemorial; it can't definitely act in the way East Timor gave up its claims over the Timor Sea. And again what fruits are you talking about? East Timor has nothing but the left-over from the buffet "bullish" Aussies had munched over. It seems you're not updated.

What else, JDV?

You might as well take a bow. The night is over. Please seal your lips forever.

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Pedestrian Observer GB said...

Excellent post I should say, this one is where JDV and La Gloria were once upon a time buddies in crime and surely he will paint a rosy picture on what was simply an act of pimping that they didn't realize was treason.