Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pursuing Little Stars

On January 23rd we cruised the bay
Calm and still waters
Lying beneath
Silent witnesses of flourishing love
Our eyes meet somewhere
There at the ebbing tide
The moon-shadowed beach
Wind lashed waves
There at the harbour
A lamppost
That illuminates lovers
Regaling a night
Of bliss
Pursuing little stars
That blanketed the night sky
And mirrored in our eyes
In the depth of the waters


Lydia said...

Ooohh! This is very beautiful and stirring.

deus ex machina said...

thank you, mom. . .missing you. ..:)

Lydia said...

Missing you, too, son. I like your new profile photo. It looks like it was taken in an airplane! I'll pretend that you are flying a plane to Oregon. :)

Mugen said...

woot. sounds like my good friend is in love. Hehehe.

deus ex machina said...


thanks, mom. hoping and praying I'll fly soon. Soon could be years but at least.. . we're trying to think of it as a possibility.:)


I think, therefore, I am. :)

streetsmart said...

hey, how are you?
melay here and you look more mature now than before. so what's with the signs of puberty?!...oh I mean maturity? I like it though...mukhang in-love ka na!

hmmmm...I'm into blogging na naman! Na-miss ko articles mo! O siya, e-mail me naman para masaya!