Monday, March 16, 2009

Without Words

I am grappling for words to say
To capture my feelings on this day
Words fall out and wither away
Suddenly my world became mute
Mute to tackle despair and despondency
I throb in pain and take them in
I swallow the bitter and the harsh
Digest them and find succor
About their absence and cleansing
Still they are here creeping silently
In the midst of equilibrium they weigh
Equally on both scales
Scale of tranquility, scale of hostility
Scale of tranquility to blight
Scale of hostility to magnify
Now I am wondering how it is painful to be a man
To experience love and its sudden loss
Both cathartic and devastating
Makes me think the process of love is a wheel
It will end up miserably somewhere
After bliss comes melancholy
The cycle will stop, it will
If it won’t then insanity spills


Lydia said...

I am there with you in thought and prayer, Dear Dex. ((((hug))))

coeline said...

hi there! Lydia, my new-found friend via blogging, told me about you. :) I've just read some of her and your posts now, and am delighted.

Listening to the soothing music you embedded on your blog, plus reading the majestic poem I presume you wrote is inspiring... Cheers!

deus ex machina said...

hi there coeline!where do you live? I am trying to view your profile but something prompts me that I cant view it. Thank you for visiting. Could you please drop your web address so I can visit it too?