Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love on Paper

A blot of ink
starts a serenade
of words.

On an infinite line
flows a rush
of feelings
only this pen could attest.

A gentle grip
and then slither
a smile, a thought
that runs
in a complicit
between love
and paper.

And you hope,
a smile.
Could it ever be
written on this scrap
when all that it is waiting
is a period
to end,

this love
on this paper,
now flying
in the air.

Translated in Spanish

Amor en papel

Una mancha de tinta
comienza una serenata
de las palabras.

En una infinita línea
los flujos de un apuro
de sentimientos
sólo que esta pluma puede dar fe.

Un agarre suave
y, a continuación, para resbalar

una sonrisa, un pensamiento
que se ejecuta
en un cómplice
entre el amor
y el papel.

Y que espera,
otra vez,
una sonrisa.
¿Podría ser
escrito en este trozo
cuando todo lo que está a la espera
es un período
a fin,

este amor
sobre este documento,
ahora que enarbolen
en el aire.


Lydia said...

What a rich experience to read this wondrous poem (always some mystery!) while listening to the Pathetique. Very moving.
As wonderful as all the avenues of communication available to us via technology there truly is nothing like a real letter! I think it's absolutely fantastic that you are keeping the medium alive. May your precious thoughts on paper be received with love.

deus ex machina said...

it's actually very high-schoolish :) . . .wrote this during one of those lulls in the office . . . i have yet to try to write one of those love letters. . .:)

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