Sunday, May 6, 2007

V for Vertigo

Not V in the movie V for Vendetta, the champion of the oppressed in 21st century England (minus the bloody way of vindicating oppression, one just hopes that there would also be a staunch V who would tame ineptitude in the government), but V for vertigo.

Vertigo is the sickness you feel when you’re already pissed off with the sing-songy slogans of politicians running for elective posts this coming elections which bounds from the outmost to the idyllic good. Call them great talkers! Some say they’re pro-poor but, how could anybody believe him when the cheapest value of the things that clothe his being is P20,000++. Some say they’re pro-labor when their big corporations are the blatant violators of labor laws – offering below minimum wage rates and not complying to other minimum labor standards laws. Some say they’re pro youth- and as one senatoriable fervently insists , she’s the voice of the youth (probably the one who’s deaf-mute) not to mention the vendors, women, men, and cats and fishes and worms and leeches like she is, etc. – when in her past terms she hasn’t authored any law or bill on the sectors she’s allegedly advocating. Sycophants! I just wish they would all disappear; all these faux and living paradox in our time.

Election season in the Philippines exudes the most tragic of comedies where the price of even the lowest of positions in the minutest political unit is blood. Elections also make the most comic of characters among candidates. I went home last weekend and was entertained by the campaign slogans of local politicians. One says he’s the “Big Brother” of his kailians. Did he ever come across George Orwell’s 1984? I hope he does not mean what he say. Another lady who posed like a toothpaste model in her ad with all the glittering teeth carries the slogan “Lokin Good” and she runs for Congress. Whoda! Guess why? (Correct!) Her family name is Lokin.

And the cherry of the cake is no less than the COMELEC itself. How tragic! And now the pooped Abalos and the stern-looking Borja might want to do their respective mea culpas for making the most fatal of errors in the interpretation of the law; for “veritably advocating a system of blind voting” according to the Supreme Court in its recent decision declaring as unconstitutional the non-disclosure of nominees of party-list groups seeking representation in Congress. And now, last Saturday in the Inquirer you can make out why such reluctance on the part of Abalos is so. . .his brother Dr. Arsenio Abalos is a nominee of a certain party-list group representing tricycle drivers 0_0 Whoda??? Oh, and there’s General Palparan under the party-list group BANTAY!!!(er, Salakay?) Everbody’s suddenly scared.

Most people I’ve talked with tell about finding themselves in tangle between the devil and the deep sea. According to them, when you’re in a dilemma like this choose the lesser evil.

* * *
Special Thanks to Kuya Cabo (kah-boh)
Not the prohibited act under the Labor Code nor the namesake/pseudonym of those in the progressive block. Kuya Cabo is Rommel Santos, the in-house graphic designer/lay-out artist of PHSSA, the kantatero/guitarero of Emanon, the hunk, the former frustrated lover, now the beau of various Chinese women, the certified PHSSA-jester now in exile in Shanghai, and the designer of my blogger header, a close friend.


Fjordan Allego said...

isa na talagang malaking katangahan ang ginagawa ng COMELEC.. obvious na obvious na ang mga vote-buying, ang issue tungkol sa nuissance candidate, at lalong lalo na yang representatives ng party-lists.. mahirapa talagang ikaw nasa posisyon kung may pinoprotektahan kang mga personalidad lalo na kung kapatid mo hindi ba???

melai said...

nasabi na ni fjordan ang gusto kong sabihin :)

sirena said...

lahat ng tao may pinoprotektahan, blood is thicker than water nga siguro talaga. sabi nga ng isang professor sa mapua, if you are torn between righteousness and kindness, choose to be kind.

mabait lang siguro si abalos sa kapatid niya. *hikab*

Anonymous said...

Kaya sana, madaling lang sabihin sa ating mga kababayan na gamitin nila ang utak ng husto upang piliin ang mga iboboto nila. Lalo na't alam nating ang karamihan sa mga kandidato ay part-time standup comedian.