Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What About the Death of Thirty Thousand Fishes?

thirty thousand fishes is a working title of a current pastime where I try to recollect all the memories of a past that had probably inked into my consciousness forever. That past was so powerful and vivid and I thought it was worth coming up with a story initially but the experience had seen me writing a good number of words, paragraphs, chapters and so on. . . am posting the pambungad of an experiment I started for about two years now. . .an experiment which seems to last a lifetime. . .

What about the death of thirty thousand fishes?

It marked the end of a smooth sailing passage into life’s tumultuous moments.
The bulwark of water coming from the water pump reflects the silver moon that hanged in the night. It was way past midnight and my father and I were busy salvaging the repugnant breathing of every fish that’s populating the pond. The froth created by the endless panting by the little fishes was creating an enormous white island in the middle of the pond. My father was standing still at the bank which made me chill more with the damp and cold wind passing from the north. He was a resolute man; resolute and firm. This was summer and he knew very well the danger that is brought by the season.


melai said...

ibang business naman..huwag ng palaisdaan :)

Anonymous said...

Saludo ako sa'yo, pards. Sa'yong pagtatala sa tatlumpung libong isda. Nawa'y ipagpatuloy mo lang 'yan at alam kong may magandang kinabukasan ang ginagawa mong ito. =)

Nga pala, paki-update ang aking bagong web address.

Thanks thanks!~

peter said...

pansin ko nature lover ka!

reyna elena said...

Interesting. If that was the opening par of your book - it's really nice. One would make more of it, like what's happening with me. :-)

Ann said...

Ok so you're now officially one of my favorite authors. I love the honesty and unpretentiousness of your works.

If you publish anything tell me about it.