Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Afternoon Rain

For whatever reason I caught your attention
Amidst the titter tatter and the ho-hum feeling of being wet under the cold rain,
Our two eyes met.

You coming from down south.
And me, languishing the effervescent kneading of my rubber soles
Upon emerging little lakes of rainwater
That mirror the gray skies and dampened faces.

You threading the sudden gush of water
Piercing on it with your red pointed shoes
And me striding along the flow of water into your direction,
Breathing the scent of nameless persons passing between us.

The scene was cinematic and picturesque
The coldness of the rainy afternoon was subdued by the warm feeling
Of connection.

For whatever reason, the thrill of the moment was devoured
Suddenly, you’re lost in the midst of a swarm of people.
Disguised by the occurring commonplace of grieving black umbrellas,
Your presence became an absence.

Your absence created a hole in my heart.
For now, I remember you as that lovely lady from the past.
Of why this world is always against my pleasure, I don’t know.

I shouldn’t have retrieved a memory so revolting and repulsive.
You’re that lady who owed me fifty thousand bucks and never came back.


Mugen said...

I will always look back to you once I finally fall in love with words.

Jinjiruks said...

thx for the visit..

pusa said...

nice poem!

Richard Lionheart said...

Nice entry... Love it! Hehe :)

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