Thursday, June 14, 2007

On Being Emotionally Potent

Black ants have been rounding about the crevices of the fridge in the office. They’re just like eating up left-over foods that have been filled up with molds because of their century-old existence inside the fridge. And all of us find it weird. Last year these ants were a no-show in this kingdom. maybe this is just one of so many confirmations that this world is heating up so rapidly that most species of insects now thrive in higher altitudes in search of colder climate. One could not just imagine what will conditions be like as living things gear up for the greatest battle of all time, the survival of the fittest.

Anyways, this time I’ll try to write about these persistent and lugubrious thoughts that have been tormenting me this past few days. one: the granting of a wish have never been exaggerated this much. I always prayed that I’d be having dreams at night so that at least I’d be entertained at one moment in a day’s life to break the monotony and the hubris of my wakeful state. and what have I got? nightmares!. Continuously, like a horror series, I’ve been dreaming of ghosts & zombies running after people, cannibals’ rampage over a village and fauns & other creeps from the underworld gloating at me. If this were the result of devouring horror (28 weeks later, 28 days later, the pan’s labyrinth, etc.) flicks this past week, I’d be equally satiated & at the same time appalled. why? I’ve been irked by said movies several times not by the goriness of 28 or the sadomasochistic El Capitan in Pan’s Labyrinth but by the gross inanity of the characters. Little Ofelia is the epitome of obstinacy just like what the siblings in 28 do. While viewing these movies, my cat & I kept whining about why in the world these characters foil themselves into the most obscure situations like Ofelia eating what she’s not supposed to eat and the two siblings in 28 saving their mother and as a result allowing zombies to propagate. My cat & I just sighed at such follies and couldn’t help to shout in duet: “there, you got what you deserve!” back to the nightmares, my short-term memory obliterated every detail of the dreams upon waking up. What I most remember of such flaccid dream experience is that the plots are great and worth the venture to make them into the greatest horror movie of all time.

Two: the impending life in toxicity of being a fourth year learner in the glorious halls of the college of law. I have to make a major overhaul in my planning schemes. Because in the next three hundred sixty five days of my life, I will embark on a journey of making fool of myself. I will try to take on the greatest feat of absorbing information from tons of books into my 1500g-mass brain like no spongebobs had ever done in their dreamlike existence. I will endeavor on the greatest sacrifice that will require no more than mental & physical endurance but emotional potency. On the road to becoming emotionally potent. . . !!! hehehe. And when all things fail as planned (scapegoatism?), I will call it an aside to the true and enigmatic life of a student of law. Knowledge of justice is grounded both on common sense and moral law as one teacher puts it. And when you’re lost in the wordings of the law, knock on its spirit.

Ha! dwelling on these thoughts is consuming. Yep, dearest cat?

Cat: Things will pass, master!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps watching light and funny flicks would help weed out those horrific brain flashes. :)

tatlumpung libong isda said...

you're right jake! thanks a lot for dropping by always

pusa said...

or better yet, stay away from watching too many horror movies?

dont get your brain burn out studying remember to take a deep breath and try to relax ;)

tatlumpung libong isda said...


thanks for that friendly reminder. I don't know but watching horror & thriller movies has been a habit already. In fact, I have a wide selection of those films, from dracula to the hannibal lecter trilogy. I'm a horror film addict but I'll strongly consider your advice. Maybe, it's time to shift my movie paradigm hehe thanks again

Richmond said...

Have you read the blog "Fish in a Bowl"?

try it...

Richard Lionheart said...

HEhe :)

Time to refresh your mind... magrelax ka muna, sumama ka sa mga adventures ko..

Hehe :) Love it!

Mugen said...

"I will try to take on the greatest feat of absorbing information from tons of books into my 1500g-mass brain like no spongebobs had ever done in their dreamlike existence."

You can do it. Hehehe.

zannnie said...

I've not thought about how the ants will react to the global warming until I read about your post's amazing how it gets me started to connect with the thoughts about ants and the entire worlds' ecology...

ross said...

Dreaming of ghosts, zombies and cannibals symbolizes aspects of yourself that you fear.

This may involve a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts.

You may be afraid of death and dying.

Alternatively, ghosts are representative of something that is no longer obtainable or within reach. It indicates a feeling of disconnection from life and society.

This dream may be a calling for you to move on and abandon your outdated modes of thinking and behavior.

Hmmn...what do you think?

tatlumpong libong isda said...

this is very helpful miss ross. You a
psychologist? :) I know that these nightmares are quite a part of the angst and repressed thoughts but you explained it to me very well. Maybe I should turn to you when I am troubled again by these lingering thoughts. Thank you very much for your insight God bless

Anonymous said...

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DIANA. BRUNA said...

Sei passato da me nel post dedicato a Modigliani. Ti piace l'arte o questo artista in particolare?