Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Sanctuary

Whole week has passed. It has not been hard for me to adjust to a new environment as I have thought. I am lodged here at an unknown flat, an unknown place where different modes of nuisance abound yet comfort and silence play intercourse like fighters drawn to dripping blood.

There’s not much to talk about a community of illegal settlers. They’re here to have roofs above their heads like anybody else. Houses here are a lot more decent than what you might think. Here in my rented space I have my own sink, my own bath, my own bed, a foldable table, a chair, an antique bed to look and gaze at when my eyes get tired of looking at words ad infinitum. Outside my dwelling is a garden where two tall trees stand. Their fruits and leaves occasionally fall and litter the ground.

Am always reminded by my portly landlord who always catches his breath to lock the gate and have a separate padlock for the front door. Just to be sure that my belongings will be secure from thieves. As long as thieves won’t learn to eat books I will definitely survive. I brought three big boxes of books from Baguio and they’re now lined up waiting to be read by this slacker in me who’s more interested in reading fiction M & M

Murakami & S. Meyer. Thank God they’re nowhere to be found.

The Bar, yes the Bar. Thinking of it gives me feverish thoughts. I want to believe there’s such a thing as sadism by way of loading your brain with too much information. But, the painting of Michael O’Toole remains an icon. It’s entitled Racing the Wind. A sailboat on a tough spot amidst rough waters. The strong wind drawn through high waves in a deep blue shade. I bought it three years ago. It now found its place on a barren white-washed wall. It would always follow its owner’s changing sanctuary.


A drifting message in a bottle has found its way to the shores, west. Thanks to you Lydia for filling something in me that’s long been empty. It’s just that I couldn’t find the right word to describe that filled space. I hope you continue to pursue your interest in learning to play the violin. A teacher once told me that it’s never too late to bow the strings and produce the most sacred sound on earth. I enrolled as a beginner back in December 2006 only after years of planning and yearning. It’s a joy to realize a childhood dream. Follow the beat of your heart always and you’ll find happiness.


Fjordan Allego said...

I like this statement: "Follow the beat of your heart always and you’ll find happiness."

But somehow, it reminds me of what a friend told me, that our heart is a liar. It contains all the emotions that manipulate our head that most of the time make us weird, numb or whatever because of love or too much emotions. That's why they say its better to follow your head than your heart when deciding.

Mugen said...

I agree with you @ Fjordan.

"Follow the beat of your heart always and you'll find happiness."

Goodluck on your journey dex.

blazing sunset said...

i think...following one's emotion is different from insanity and/or irrationality. we follow our hearts but we do not compromise the wisdom in doing so.

Lydia said...

How dear of you to have a message for me in your recent post. It means the world to me. I have tried to join your Reader Community, but for some reason am unable to do so. I'm there in spirit cheering you on to the Bar.

Lydia said...

Ahh, you changed the music! It is very lovely. I'll always associate the Schindler's List violin piece with your blog because it was what played when I first discovered you.

Have a wonderful week. Lydia