Monday, April 21, 2008


Today's the second day of our bar review and I am already exhausted because of the stifling heat. Yesterday's temperature surged to 38°C. The review hall's four heavy-duty air conditioners didn't work against the heat. Everybody still perspired and made their own way of fanning the heat out.

Don't have so much to tell you about how the review process is going. There's nothing to talk about yet because I'm still primping my mind. I have to pretend to be organized as yet and make a schedule. The sad fact is that there's so much trying involved. And that must not be. Call that the Great Squander. Yes. And I am losing balance.

The heat. Yes, the heat is stifling.

And there's a lot of Old school here. A lot of old man with hoarse voices. From the black woofers a blast from the past; a redolent feel of listening from a 60's radio show; from a vintage radio.

Bulging eyes, sagging face, thick lenses, the old man welcomed the 700-strong crowd like an announcer at a circus show. Welcome, welcome. If there's one thing I remember from his long speech it's about the call to Redemption. Sheer redemption, yes. “By way of passing the Bar, you will be redeemed of your mistakes, of all your sins from the past.” How true, how true.

Amidst the stifling heat, you indeed made a horrible assumption. And what is that you told about: “Yes we're willing to give you a mock bar after July. . .yes we, will. . .if (devilish grin) you will give us something for our effort.” Oh, please repair your air conditioning system first will you?

The heat. Yes, the heat is stifling. And I don't want to be redeemed anytime soon.

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Lydia said...

I can feel the heat. You describe a scenario that differs from a bar review situation in the U.S. Here, there would be no (grinning) comments about a mock bar, and I like to think that the air conditioning would be confirmed as working before the review began.

But there is something that is the same, too. The tension. The self-doubt. The scism apparent between licensed authority and those not yet licensed. The neverending human need to better one's condition, to make real one's dreams.

So you are somewhat similar and somewhat different from all other candidates for the bar internationally. What sets you apart is that you stepped away from the demands to compose yourself, and to compose a post in your blog that is very descriptive. So descriptive, in fact, that years from now when you are a practicing attorney you will read it and remember exactly how you felt tonight.