Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life is a metaphor

My love to moonlight caused this poem. It read:

5:18 in the afternoon

my sunshine,

let me be the wind that gently brushes your face
the melody that echoes through time and space.
let me be your light when the stars in heaven aren't so bright
to walk with you in path's so dimly lit.

your face is like the breaking of dawn
the very promise of a new day,
the dusk that soothes my worried mind
that gives me the best of good nights.

the face that made me glow everyday in our stay,
that makes me smile in every glance i make
the face that i want to see before retiring the day,
the very same to see the morning i awake.

i painted you in my memories,
with vivid colors that i made.
i will treasure you, today, tomorrow and the days to come,
framed with love and sealed by fate .

Early in the day, I made this in response,

For you, moonlight, 6:27 am

you're so far, yet so near.
you seemed to have brought with you
the joys left
in this solitary soul.

but mornings are like
sweet souvenirs.

i remember now
like strings gently swayed,
that your heart kissed mine
and stamped a mark
that glowed together
with the break of dawn
to remind me that
our love springs eternal.

a cycle unbroken
by time and distance


Lydia said...

Very beautiful.

I admire your "For You Moonlight" series of poems.

Fjordan Allego said...

ang ganda naman!! woohooo!! sarap basahin!! galing galing!!

Anonymous said...

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