Sunday, March 4, 2007

Venal Institutions

People in the


are all the more stupefied by the rise and fall of fundamental institutions. Just lately the definitive factory of these emerging and venal institutions is no less than the political-turned-boxing arena (a clear affirmation of their true being and purpose). These institutions are so outlandish in their form and the dynamism they reveal before Juan dela Cruz is staggering . . . Really, they may be called the “sign of the times.”

Worth mentioning are the following:

1. According to Sen. Santiago: the High Court is but a “Company of Idiots.” Although, one can never tell, if this high-toned language was made in her lucid interval. This may be another chimera, a hallucination brought out by the fact that she’s nominated to be a part of the “company” she’s referring to; she’s nominated to be the head of the Doc30001_1 idiot cluster. However, we can’t discount the fact that she may disguise herself as the foreteller this time as the High Court’s independence is constantly befuddled with the lingering interests of politicians.




2. The die-hard parliamentarians. These guys more or less don’t differ from preachers in that they both have messianic complex. But if I have to choose who’s more honest, I’ll go on the side of preachers because they’re more likely to mouth words from the heart. Members of the House of Congress are necessarily pretentious. They are brazenly corrupt and inept and this was reaffirmed just last night by foolishly passing the rules that will create a constituent assembly without the participation and concurrence of the Senate as provided in the Constitution.

3. The shattered people. Should I say more? The venerable sovereign has lost its might against the government whose flock is infested with abominable and greedy beings.

Once in a gathering, I was asked with this profound question: “What’s the solution to the problems that are plaguing the country?” Only the omnipotent deserves such question but since I found it profound, I nevertheless answered in the same manner. “The answer lies in the Japanese tradition. . .harakiri being a clear option to all who’s in position. We need to cleanse the government from the culture of greed.” The audience took it in jest. I never joined them because I mean it, really. . .

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